Still waiting!

It's been 38 days since we met with the adoption social worker and it feels like longer. Patience is a virtue but it's bloody hard when you are longing for something with all your being! But I keep saying "Trust in the flow of the Universe." I've also found a great new tool that brings me such hope and inspiration. It's a half hour TV show called "Adoption Stories" on Discovers/Health Channel. I love it. Glenn and I watch some together and get emotional and know it will happen to us.

We also made some baby purchases. (Thank you, Craig's list!). A Co-sleeper and Pack and Play. We're getting a car seat and sling from a friend today and my sister-in-law has been very generous with so many things. A bassinet, diaper bags, and lots of clothes. So has my good friend and mom to my GodSon. I'm so grateful! Another friend suggested giving me a baby shower! Wow! That would be amazing! So, we may register somewhere, like Babies R us or Target. The Social worker suggested doing this also.

We've also put the word out that we are avail for babysitting more to our pals with kids. Because it's so fun and gets us better prepared and we want to be there for support and build a good support team!

So, getting more and more excited with each day and also more and more aware of all our freedom now that may soon be gone. So an impromptu date last night was fun. Things like that that won't be so easy once baby is here. But we won't complain! We are homebodies at heart really. Our hearts and home is so very ready to receive our new addition to the family. We're getting the dogs ready too by more training. They are such gentle beings. Love them so much!

Going to go babysit one of our lil buddies right now.