A new kind of waiting.

Our birthmom has been having contractions on and off for the last week. Though they are most likely Braxton Hicks which are not the real McCoy. Just getting her ready for the real deal. They do hurt and she has been having a hard time sleeping during the night and then sleeps during the day.  Oh boy! That means, that will be the little guy's schedule when he comes out!
It could be any day now!  Wow!
As we lite the candles on our Menorah for the first night of Hanukkah, I can't help to think about sharing the wonderful tradition with him and telling him the story of the Maccabee's and the miracle of the oil lasting the extra 7 days.  I love the holidays and look forward to them being even more magical with our son around to enjoy them.
I have my cell phone with me every where, even when I go to the bathroom!! Every time it rings, my heart leaps out of my chest. I have butterflies all the time!
We've been waiting a very long time for our baby and this last stretch of it is a whole new kind of feeling!  It's a good one!! Exciting times!!! Eager anticipation!
Happy Hanukkah!!


Cricket said...

I hope you don't mind me asking..I'm just really curious..is the child's mother Jewish too?

Anna said...

How wonderful! Congratulations!!

Adrienne said...

Angie - the baby's sleep schedule might be right on if the birthmom's is turned around. Babies in utero usually "sleep" during the day because all the motion rocks them to sleep. That's what they told us when Gabe was born, because he was quite confused about when nightime was supposed to be. Hope everything is perfect for you!

Nishant said...


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